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Armstrong App

Armstrong is a Sales Force Automation Solution (SFAST).

More than a simple sale app, Armstrong is an extensive system of intelligent programs running sales, customer relationship, data mapping, analytics and report generation, to provide a deep understanding of your company’s sales performance and sales representatives. Integrated together with solutions from Couchbase and Opentext, the purpose of Armstrong is to:

1. Improve and focus on sales with in-built sales kit and automated admin work.
2. Better control on customer journey experience and strengthen customer relationship.
3. Bridge communication between sales teams, sales leaders and the higher management.
4. Manage tasks and monitor performance of sales representative.
5. Track overall sales performance with advance analytics and custom reports.
6. Pull data from within the system to generate questionnaire, feedback forms and other useful tools.

SUITES Digital

SUITES BASIC is a fuss-free sales app for individuals or tailored for companies. A portable sales assistance to aid in quick transactions and sales pitch during meetings with customers so representatives may focus on build customer relationships.

Depending on the version, it has a basic sales performance for sales leaders and representatives to track.

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SUITES Website concise of two parts:

1. Informative website with catalogue.
2. E-commerce website.

Designed from ground up with wireframing, color coordination and content placement. Updated with the latest SEO (search engine optimization) algorithm, responsive design and post-service maintenance.

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ComeBack App

ComeBack App helps to utilise social spaces within your workplace.

Understand the true capacity of your office space and cut down on unnecessary areas to save on rental & utility expenses.

The app helps:

  • Staffs may reserve space/room in advance.
  • Facilitate the return of teams to office.
  • Limits the number of staff in each level/area/zone.
  • Staffs can check on crowd level around the office.
  • Audit log of staff showing virus (Covid19) symptoms.

Find out more at ComeBack website or contact us for a free demo!

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Deltek WorkBook

We are delighted to announce a partnership contract with Deltek!

Deltek WorkBook is a Total Agency Management System that helps to streamline projects and make resource planning and managing finance easier, so you can focus on what’s important.

Atiain full resource transparency
Accelerate your business’s productivity with the ability to balance your staff’s workload, and optimize the utilization of capital, manpower and resources.

Enable client collaboration
WorkBook supports closer collaborarion with clients to help improve communication and manage expectations for smoother flow of projects.

Manage tasks and time
Integrated task management and time entry allows team members to streamline their agile workflow, so they can focus on the creative process.

Gain full visibility into project performance
Achieve clarity on project profitability and cost control to more accurately future accomplish budget planning and revenue forecasting.

Gain powerful insights to make strategic decisions for your company

Find out more at Deltek WorkBook website.

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REAL QR is a product authentication tag solution to protect brands and consumers’ wellbeing.

Counterfeit is dangerous to both brands on consumers alike. It damages a brand’s reputation and costs a huge lost in revenue, while causing health concerns to consumers. REAL QR aims to fights against counterfeit and support a brand’s business at the same time.

Real QR has a 3-layer protection label coupled with analytics program and anti-phishing features to provide the strongest security against counterfeit. The solution helps to:

1. Promote brand transparency.
2. Boost consumer engagement.
3. Manage your distribution channels

Find out more at REAL QR website.

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