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Certificate and Partnership | Issue 1
March 2020

We proudly announce the additional full-service Repair Center and Apple Care Enterprise to support technical and maintenance needs of our valued clients. OPS is driven to deliver

  • Reliability service to ensure quality service and repair of Apple device
  • Faster turnaround time of repair service
  • Ensure that only genuine Apple parts are used in the process
  • Diagnostic of Apple device by Apple Certified Engineer
  • Flexible onsite repair if company policy required

We at OPSOLUTIONS help businesses through digital transformation primarily providing hardware and creating innovative solutions with ultimate scalability.

Our company was founded in Singapore in 2008 and we have started our operations here in the Philippines in 2015. We have experience in solving business challenges through our digital journey guiding pillars.

  • Establishing a digital presence ( Web & Mobile Technology )
  • Managing and developing software solutions from end-to-end
  • Building the foundation of a smart office ( Hardware & Infrastructure )
  • Transforming data to drive business to the next wave of productivity and growth ( System Integration & analytics )

With our goal to further businesses by providing hardware and software solutions to the Philippine market, we are now certified as Apple reseller and a partner of Generic Technologies Pte Ltd - Singapore, servicing global companies such as

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