Track productivity and performance.
Visibility into project updates in real-time and generate them into reports.
Boost team collaboration and increase profits.

What’s more, optimize budget planning for your project at the same time.

  • Insights on staff’s progress with tasks and their performance.
  • Real-time feedback and report of project updates in different metrics.
  • Boost team collaboration and communication with project alignment.
  • Clarity of workload status across individuals, teams, and agencies.
  • Plan staffing resources accurately and strategically for all projects.

Who uses WorkBook?

Deltek WorkBook

a Total Agency Management Tool

Using best practices, it supports you in streamlining projects, resource planning and managing finance to power your business’s success!

A powerful tool to manage your team working-from-home.

Enable Client Collaboration
Budget Planning and Revenue Forecasting
Build Alignment and Team Synergy
Full Visibility Into Project Performance
And many more features


Attain Project Control and
Performance Update

Boost Productivity
and Efficiency

Enhance Client

Increase Profitability and
Control Costs

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